Vanessa Cisnero

Vanessa Cisnero

Vanessa Cisnero earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from University of Texas at Dallas in 1996.  Her experience includes 25 years in accounting and taxes within the public and private sectors.

Upon graduation, she worked as an Auditor for Grant Thornton, LLP before transitioning to the private sector.  In the private sector, Vanessa worked as a Financial Property Accountant.  She managed approximate 10 – 15 properties at a time.  After working in the private sector for a couple of years, Vanessa transitioned back to public accounting, this time for a small local CPA firm, as an Accountant.  While working for a small local CPA firm, she filled many roles as an accountant, such as financial accountant, tax accountant and payroll accountant.  She has a deep background in accounting and taxes.  

Through the years, Vanessa worked on diverse types of tax returns, with an emphasis on business tax returns.  She has collaborated with several businesses as an off-site accountant and/or controller depending on their needs.  She participated in numerous business consultations and assessments to help businesses with day-to-day operations and improvement recommendations.  She prepared financial statements, tax returns and payroll reports consistently throughout the years.

Because of Vanessa’s 25-year career in accounting, she understands the business needs for accounting, taxes, and continuous business improvements.  

Vanessa is the Controller for Keasler Associates.